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  1. thePeacemaker 36wk 2d ago

    Quote by AkinaSpirit Jeffrey~! <(^.^)> Yo! I just wanted to see how you're doing?
    It's almost nearing the same time of my last post o_O. Time really does seem to fly. What have you been up lately? At the moment, my arms are aching from playing the EyeToy game~ honestly I think it's a bigger work out than the Nintendo wii. They should have a label that says [Warning: Play this game before you have a bath/shower] ^^;

    I'm back! For some reason we keep missing each other. Now that it has almost been 10 years it kind of sucks that you are probably gone forever.

  2. thePeacemaker Apr 27, 2015

    Hey Akina! It's been a looong time!

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